Friday Funnies!

This is a hilarious picture cause its showing what they looked like before 2020 and 2021 a year after covid started. Can anyone relate?

This is so funny! I wonder who even had the idea to do that. Pretty good Idea.


This meme is so true because when people still light fireworks that is how I feel. And they do it tell they get caught. SO ANNOYING!


This one Is facts because everyones grandma or grandpa always gives you something big when you come and leave. My grandparents still do it to this day. So Funny!

I hear Yo Mama jokes all the time I just had to put one in. I saw the cool aid man and had too put it in.

My dream bedroom!


My bedroom would be on the top floor and have doors to a deck so I can see the beautiful view. There would be a circular stair case and it would lead to the backyard. The doors will be double doors to let more light in.


I love my bedroom now! My first must have for my dream Bedroom would be big because if I have a big bedroom I can have more stuff in it. I would be able to have more windows for light, a big closet and my own bathroom. The floor would be thick carpet so I can lay down with my dogs.   Click here to see the carpet and big room

I would have a batting cage in my room to hit baseballs and practice. Right next to the batting cage I would have a hot and ice tub too heel my muscles. I will be prepared to go to the MLB if I had a batting cage and ice/hot tub.

Middle school thoughts?

Middle school is hard because your a teenager and it is a lot different than elementary. The pros about being in Middle School are make more friends in the school, middle school is getting you prepared for high school, and have fun. Some cons of Middle School are, there are some bullies, Lots of drama, and homework.



Do I love my name?


Hi my name is Marshall and yes I love my name. I have a lot of nicknames like Marshall my man, Mello, or Marsh. I was going to be named Boston because My parents love the city Boston. My mom was listening to the radio and heard the name Marshall so she was like OMG that is going to be his name. I am happy she named me Marshall not Boston.



personality quiz!

Superpower: Super strength was my super power which is pretty funny but I could actually believe it though.

Ice cream: Vanilla was my favorite flavor of ice cream and it was right I only like vanilla. so good!

Time period: The prehistoric era is the time period I should have been born in. Which would be cool but also very different.

Dream MLB teams! Free Write!

I would like to be an MLB player when I grow up because I am good at baseball and am very athletic. I would like to go to college at Vanderbilt or Arizona State. There both good baseball teams and have a good school program. I would like to get drafted to the MLB. I would be happy where ever I go but If I could choose it would be, the Boston Redsox or the Houston Astros. I would choose these places because I love the history in Boston and they are my favorite team. The Astros are a good team and I love there indoor stadium.

Gift guide for a 13 year old boy

  1. Air pods  Click Here
  2. LED strip lights     Click Here
  3. A Drone   
  4. Bluetooth speaker
  5. TV  Click Here
  6. skate board 
  7. Baseball bat
  8. speed flex helmet “Football helmet”    Click here
  9. computer  Click Here
  10. bean bag 


These are things you should get for your 13 year old boy. If they are in sports get them there own helmet or a new baseball bat. Everyone wants a beanbag to relax on. LED strip lights make the room glow and you get hyped. Everyone needs a computer to play games and school. Drones you can spy on people and have fun outside. Skate board makes you get around easy and fast. Everyone loves music get some air pods. Those are ten great gifts for a boy that is turning 13.